Drive-In Horrorshow - Official Soundtrack (VINYL)

Drive-In Horrorshow - Official Soundtrack (VINYL)

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Format: Vinyl

Main Genre: Soundtrack

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Released: 2011
Runtime: 60 Mins
Catalog/SKU #: BDM-DIHSV

Movie Details

Drive-In Horrorshow proudly presents the film's official soundtrack. Featuring some of the most ghoulish rock n roll we at the Horrorshow have heard in years. Or at least since the second apocalypse.
Also available on CD. Check out Drive-In Horrorshow today!

Track Listing

  1. 01. Hotblack - "Slip of the Skin"
  2. 02. The Coffin Lids - "Creepy Crawl"
  3. 03. Bill Gage - "Steve Pepper"
  4. 04. Graveyard BBQ - "Creamskull Boogie"
  5. 05. Trouble on the Airwaves - "Bombshell"
  6. 06. Ajax Ray O'Vaque - "Love is a Twisted Melancholy Disease"
  7. 07. Common Thrill - "Hollywood Nights"
  8. 08. Sleight of Hand - "Heart Full of Soul"
  9. 09. MonkeyRay - "A Beautiful Noise"
  10. 09. MonkeyRay - "Drive-In Horrorshow Theme"

Quotes About The Bands:

"Ajax, (producer/multinstrumentalist for Duran Duran, Elton John, Collective Soul, Needtobreath, etc.) is either on a mission to push the boundaries of music and our pre-conceptions of what we perceive it to be, or on a glorious cocktail of drugs, which, to be frank, I would be extremely interested in."
-Ian Perrins, Plastic Girl Magazine

"Watching Bill Age, [a rock star with Down's Syndrome] perform with his band, BILL, is an eye-opening experience."
-Ian Sands, Boston Phoenix

"Recipe: a one chord, a four chord, and a five chord - and a sense of humor - are the Coffin Lids' essential ingredients"
-Cellars by Starlight, Boston Phoenix

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