Facez of Death 2000 - Part 5

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Facez of Death 2000 - Part 5

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  • Main Genre: Death | Released: 2005 | Runtime: 80 Mins

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The shockumentary for the 21st century

Dare to take a shocking look at our time. We live in a violent era where man's inhumanity to man abounds. Death tolls are rising and acts of violence are becoming increasingly frequent. As we close in on the year 2000, we must ask ourselves whether we can end our cruelty. Witness first hand the horrific acts of violence that occur everyday: Murders, Carjackings, Executions, Drive-By Shootings, Gang Violence, Mob Hits, Drug Slayings, and much more, far too gruesome to be mentioned. Feel the adrenaline of fear without being there. Witness the raw horror of Facez of Death 2000.

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