Reign of Vengeance - Disemboweling Swine

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Reign of Vengeance - Disemboweling Swine

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  • Main Genre: Metal | Released: 2011 | Runtime: 33 Mins

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Reign of Vengeance makes very technical death metal slam packed with intelligently written, psychological, and humorous lyrical stories splattered with gore. The band puts on a crushing live show and records music that is highly entertaining, horrifying, and fun.

Track Listing:

  1. 01. Disemboweling Swine
  2. 02. In The Club (with a Chainsaw)
  3. 03. She’s Best Kept Headless
  4. 04. A Massacre of Mormons
  5. 05. A Misfortunate Ride (The Goregrinder)
  6. 06. The Unwanted Intruders
  7. 07. He Hates His F-cking Job, He Hates His F-cking Wife, He Hates His F-cking Life
  8. 08. A Tradition of Bloodshed
  9. 09. As Seen on T.V.
  10. 10. It Shouldn’t Have Been Found, It Shouldn’t Have Been Written

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