Swamp Zombies

Swamp Zombies

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  • Main Genre: Zombie | Released: 2007 | Runtime: 121 Mins

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Raised from the dead. Engineered to kill. Dying to eat!

A chief physician at a large metropolitan hospital is formulating a serum to resurrect recently deceased patients. When his facility comes under inspection from the federal government, the doctor is forced to dispose of the patients as quick as possible even though they are in mid-experiment and he doesn't know if his serum will even work.

With the help of the evil hospital operations manager, he manages to ditch the experiments in the neighboring swamplands. Little do they know, their serum works, the test subjects rise to life once again and reek havoc on a group of students conducting science experiments at the swamplands. With the help of a swamp hermit, a beautiful innocent bystander, a park ranger and the police captain they try to piece together what has gone on and stay alive!

Directed by: Len Kabasinski
Starring: Jasmin St. Claire, Brian Heffron, Pamela Sutch, Dan Severn

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Catalog/SKU #: BD9639

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