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  • Main Genre: Zombie | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 80 Mins

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The first sinner has been shut out of Hell...

When the last soul enters heaven and the first sinner is shut out of Hell, life as we know it will cease to exist. Geller, played by Ashley Gallo (DREAD, BLOODLOCK), runs for her life from the bloodthirsty zombies that seem to have over run her small town. For help during end times she turns to Mack (a criminal), two shady brothers and a faithless Reverend played by David Crawford (DAWN OF THE DEAD 1978). Geller and her new friends are on the run from roving hoards of zombies, shadow demons and the Grim Reaper!

Directed by: William Victor Schotten
Starring: David Crawford, Bobby Williams, Ashley Rozzi, Bob Holmes

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Catalog/SKU #: BD9691

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