The Forever Dead

The Forever Dead

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  • Main Genre: Zombie | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 102 Mins

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When good people go rotten...

It all started when an innocent rabbit named Bugs escaped a shady university lab. His nasty little bite unleashed an epidemic of terror! With an entire rural community spiraling out of control in a pandemonium of madness and flesh eating, six mismatched souls find themselves reluctantly intertwined in a fight for their lives and their sanity. Will they survive the night or be the next meal for the hordes of once-human creatures? Or more importantly, will they kill each other first?

Directed by: Christine Parker
Starring: Bill Mulligan, Libby Lynn, Jessie Walley, Patrick Loree

UPC: 769529968436
Catalog/SKU #: BD9684

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