Chasing Darkness

Chasing Darkness

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  • Main Genre: Vampire | Released: 2010 | Runtime: 104 Mins

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Be careful what you chase after... It just might find you!

Vincent "Vinnie" Carpone (Todd Humes) has finally had enough. Enough of his life as a mafia hit man, and enough of his over-jealous girlfriend, Ciarra (Katie Russell). Maybe it's time for a change. After a confusing and failed hit on a rival gang, Vinnie approaches the mob boss, Dominic (Larry Liggett) attempting to leave his current profession. With fellow hitmen being sent after him, Vinnie is reminded that "no one leaves the family." A return home that evening reveals that the rival gang is actually vampires that have transformed Ciarra into a creature of the undead, and this group is now out to send Vinnie a message. Can the help of his former love, Faith (Renee Porada), and two friends from his past, aid Vinnie in besetting revenge on those that threaten his very existence?

Directed by: Jason Hull
Starring: Todd Humes, Renee Porada, Katie Russell, Larry Liggett

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