Silent Bloodnight

Silent Bloodnight

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  • Main Genre: Suspense/Thriller | Released: 2007 | Runtime: 84 Mins

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The terror is everywhere

Two teens rape a mentally handicapped girl. They are in turn killed by the vengeful family. The young TV reporter, Sabrina Meyers, is witness to the crime. But the bodies disappear and nobody believes Sabrina. Determined, Sabrina starts digging around for facts and ends up drawing the attention of the murderers.

They need to dispose of her as soon as possible. Narrowly escaping a murderous attempt on her life, the local police put her under their protection, but the murderers just keep on coming.

Although the odds are stacked against her, she does have her own weapons: Quick wits, civil courage, bravery and a winning smile.

Directed by: Stefan Peczelt, Elmar Weihsmann
Starring: Vanessa Vee, Alexander E. Fennon, Christin Dune, Mike Vega, Robert Cleaner

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Catalog/SKU #: BD9641

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