The Mutilation Man

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The Mutilation Man
  • Main Genre: Suspense/Thriller | Released: 2011 | Runtime: 79 Mins

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The only evidence of his existence is the mess he leaves behind

An unknown man makes his way into a quiet neighborhood bringing nothing but torture and pain alongside him. The police are on the hunt for someone with no identity, the only evidence of his existence is the mess he leaves behind. When he enters the home of Roy and Jessica, they have no idea what's in store for them. As the story unravels you find that there may be more motive behind the man’s actions than either of them could ever imagine.

Directed by: Derek Cole, Shane Cole
Starring: Stephen Twardokus, Sabrina Carmichael, Jon Gale, Denise Gossett

Special Features:
-Making-of Featurette

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