Wet Kiss

Wet Kiss

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  • Main Genre: Supernatural/Ghost | Released: 2009 | Runtime: 92 Mins

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Cold water drips from lifeless lips

In this supernatural tale of obsession and betrayal, a young woman known only as Sunflower is murdered. Those involved covered up the crime and as a
result find their lives in ruin. Pete Downey has only the best of intentions when he comes to the aid of the mysterious woman that stumbled into his life. The relationship between Pete and the woman grows. Having only known cruelty and loneliness, she craves the kindness that Pete and his cousin, Sam, extend to her.
Tragedy results when the woman's crush on Pete is exploited. After Sunflower's death, Pete's life spirals out of control. He obsesses about Sunflower's true identity and his guilt over his inability to prevent her death. When those involved begin to die, they must discover if one of their own is responsible....or has Sunflower returned from her watery grave to exact the justice she deserves?

Directed by: Jen Murphy
Starring: Sean Holahan, Andre Dell, Jim Panetta, Amira Lyn

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Catalog/SKU #: BD9750

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