Evidence of a Haunting

Evidence of a Haunting
  • Main Genre: Supernatural/Ghost | Released: 2011 | Runtime: 82 Mins

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The search for spirits of the dead

Three investigations conducted by the Supernatural Phenomena Research Society are documented, beginning with the exorcism of a young girl in Louisiana, then on to an American Indian Poltergeist in Oklahoma, then finally a particularly difficult case in Dallas, Texas. Something haunts the tunnels deep below the Trinity River Community College, something evil. As they probe deeper below, it becomes apparent that they've invaded the realm of the son of Satan, and they may not all escape.

Directed by: Joey Evans
Starring: Jessica D. Fulling, Renee Wiggins, Scott Evans, Christopher Cassarino, Robert Alford, Korin Medina

Special Features:
-Behind-the-scenes Featurette
-Audio Commentary
-Blooper Reel

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Catalog/SKU #: BD9845

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