Curse of Pirate Death

Curse of Pirate Death
  • Main Genre: Supernatural/Ghost | Released: 2006 | Runtime: 85 Mins

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A protected treasure from the depths of Hell!

Over a century ago Pirate's Point was overrun by pirates, led by Abraham Levoy, who became known as Pirate Death. He looted from the town, slaughtering over 150 men, women and children and then hid the treasure.
To this day, the vile, putrid stench of Pirate Death can be smelled as he roams Pirate's Point protecting the precious treasure. Unaware of the terrifying and torturous nature of Pirate Death, a group of college students researching their 'pirate' heritage decide to locate the hidden treasure of Pirate Death. Will anyone survive the Curse of Pirate Death?
Brutally murdered by his traitorous crew, Pirate Death's love, Elania, ordered him to protect their buried treasure no matter what and kill whoever dare try to steal it. While awaiting the return of Elania from the depths of Hell, the students discover one by one how vicious Pirate Death truly is.

Directed by: Dennis Devine
Starring: Mitch Toles, Syn Devil, Ron Jeremy

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Catalog/SKU #: BD9613

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