Summer of the Massacre

Summer of the Massacre

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  • Main Genre: Slasher | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 76 Mins

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Time for one last call

Based on the supposed true life story, The Summer of the Massacre tells the tale of four teens traveling back from College for Summer. When the gang takes a short cut across the English countryside they stumble upon a small town called Black Wood. They soon encounter legendary serial killer Ed Craven, who is known as Hammer Head by the locals. When Hammer Head learns that the teens are in the area he goes on a murderous rampage which includes killing, eating and hunting humans. His weapon of choice is a hammer. The group soon finds out that some legends do exist but will anyone be left alive to tell the tale?

Starring Jeanette James (The Crucible - Broadway) and Ben O'Brien (ITV's Grease Monkeys) The Summer of the Massacre is sure to sicken even the hardest of horror fans. See for yourself what people have called the UK's answer to Jason Voorhees!

Directed by: Bryn Hammond
Starring: Emma Horsely, Jeanette James, Jake Wylkie, Michael Boughan

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