Recycled Parts

Recycled Parts
  • Main Genre: Slasher | Released: 2010 | Runtime: 72 Mins

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Going green just turned blood red

On a Friday night, five college friends cruise downtown looking for a popular nightclub. Momentarily distracted, their driver mows down a pregnant woman. The panicked kids contemplate ditching the scene until a strange doctor arrives to offer his assistance. The frightened kids enter his bizarre office and end up trapped in a macabre underworld where body parts are extracted from unsuspecting victims and sold to the highest bidder. Will they escape this horrible nightmare or are they the next to become RECYCLED PARTS?

Directed by: Larry Sands, Erick Vega, Bradley Young
Starring: Girstin Bergquist, David Dartt, Brandon Brendel, Lisa Gail, Michael Dias

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Catalog/SKU #: MR9789

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