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  • Main Genre: Slasher | Released: 2004 | Runtime: 81 Mins

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Welcome to your worst nightmare

Fifteen years ago, a group of young friends were playing a sandlot game of baseball. When one of them is called home for dinner the gang decides to let the creepy neighborhood fat kid join in. Once he is safely in "left field", the game continues. The first pitch is slammed over the fence and into the road. The fat kid excitedly chases. As the group taunts him and his efforts, they don’t notice the truck speeding towards him. He is killed on impact.

Present Day:
The members of the old gang have all gone their separate ways except Dan and Lexy, they are living together. They all receive mysterious invitations to reunite at an old lodge up North. Thinking one of the group must have some "big announcement", they all arrive at the lodge, except one. He never makes it. What the group learns about the lodge, its caretaker and the real reason why they were "invited" leaves them fighting for their lives.

Directed by: Jeff Burton
Starring: Bill Vincent, Rick Kunzi, Johanna Lixey, Katrina Novak

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