So, You've Downloaded a Demon

So, You've Downloaded a Demon

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  • Main Genre: Satanic | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 86 Mins

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Chicks dig exorcisms

Goth chicks Miranda and Cat will do almost anything to get back into their college witch coven. Lured to a mysterious website that promises to grant any wish but unwilling to pay the price of admission -- their souls –- the girls turn to DAVE, a goofy but lovable candidate for student body president and computer geek Brian, his roommate-cum-campaign manager, to help them sneak in. So when Dave accidentally stumbles into the site, allowing Anticus, the website's demon, to grab possession of his soul, he gets changed from a doofus into a charismatic if somewhat demonic and diabolical political machine - and Brian is without a clue as to how to get his friend back. The girls suggest a do-it-yourself exorcism, which not only could save Dave, but might also get them back into their coven's good graces. Collecting the items they need proves troublesome, as Brian impersonates an Irish priest to get Holy Water, Miranda is attacked by evil spirits, and Cat barely survives a drive-by witching! As the ritual gets underway, everything that can go wrong does, and when the demon is finally forced out of Dave, he enters Cat's body and it looks like the whole show will start all over again. But then Miranda calls Dr. MAagnus Malcom, an ousted priest and author of the book "Malcolm X-Communicated" to save her friend and send Anticus back to Hades. And he does. Or does he?

"So, You’ve Downloaded A Demon" proves what every student knows: college is Hell!

Directed by: Todd Livingston
Starring: Ken Meyer

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