The Tenement

The Tenement

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  • Main Genre: Psychological | Released: 2004 | Runtime: 117 Mins

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Where innocence ends and nightmares begin

There is something inherently evil within The Tenement. It does something strange to the people who live there. Imagine a building that can change who you are and the way your mind thinks. Ethan lives in this building and is obsessed with horror films. His destiny lies in the shadows of a black rose; the symbol of decayed innocence. This begins a series of murderous events among the tenants of this mysterious building.

Four lives are changed forever by the evil that dwells within. The serenity of comfort is removed from home when you sign a lease at "The Tenement."

Directed by: Glen Baisley
Starring: Joe Lauria, Michael Gingold, Syn DeVil, C.J. DiMarsico, Mike Lane, Danielle Russo, Ed Shelinsky, Suzi Leigh,

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