Gorno: American Tragedy

Gorno: American Tragedy

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  • Main Genre: Psychological | Released: 2007 | Runtime: 81 Mins

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An american tragedy

Through a series of nightmarish scenes and interviews we meet Kelly Brady, a troubled 15 year old boy who spends his time getting drunk, selling weed and eating acid. Watch as Kelly self destructs, while two idiot documentary filmmakers try to find out who killed is sister. With music from punk legends Against All Authority, RadioBaghdad, Load, The Oxy Rottins and an original score by Scott Putesky (co-founder and ex-guitarist of Marilyn Manson). Gorno is a disturbing tale of life in suburban America. The ending will leave you numb...

Directed by: Lester Norris
Starring: Lucas Corcoran, Jsutin Gurazzi, Mike Morena

UPC: 769529964032
Catalog/SKU #: BD9640

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