False Face

False Face

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  • Main Genre: Psychological | Released: 2009 | Runtime: 125 Mins

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Out of money, Out of luck, Out of sanity...

False Face is about a man named Ted who has a gambling problem that is taking a toll on his relationship with girlfriend Vicki, his financial situation and his sanity. He owes people a lot of money that he can't pay. At the end of his rope he goes t his friend Frank for some help. He declines to help but offers to introduce him to some people that can. Ted accepts the invitation and receives a nice sum of money, but after breaking the 3 rules given to him strange things start to happen. His girlfriend disappears; people start following him and strange phone calls coming from his home phone number start making him paranoid and uneasy. He can't trust anyone and his paranoia will ultimately cause him to pay a price.

Directed by: Phil Thomas, Matt Brooks
Starring: Kris Miller, Seregon O'dassey, Daniel Van Wert, Bourke Floyd

UPC: 769529974932
Catalog/SKU #: MR9749

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