Hellbound: Book of the Dead

Hellbound: Book of the Dead

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  • Main Genre: Occult | Released: 2003 | Runtime: 90 Mins

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Lane and Diane are a young married couple living in a coastal town whose lives are about to be torn apart by an old book of magic. The old book, bound in hell, was supposed to bring back the dead. In her desperation to resurrect her dead sister, Diane accidentally kills a man. When the spell doesn't bring him back, the only solution seems to be disposing of the body. But after Lane cuts him up with the intention of tossing his pieces into the bay, the spell begins to kick in!

"Jeff Dylan Graham is one of the busiest young actors working in movies today." -- Femme Fatales Magazine

"Delivers on the suspense." -- Joe Bob Briggs

Directed by: Steve Sessions
Starring: Jeff Dylan Graham, Elizbeth North, Lucien Eisenach

UPC: 769529956037
Catalog/SKU #: BD9560

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