Suburban Sasquatch

Suburban Sasquatch
  • Main Genre: Monster | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 97 Mins

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He's out of words... And in your neighborhood!

The always mystical and mysterious Bigfoot is out to make his presence known and claim his territory. No longer hidden under the veil of forestry, the beast is on a blood thirsty rampage right in the heart of peaceful suburbia! A local reporter is on the scene following victim after bloody victim. The cool calm of middle class living has been ravaged by the savage beast and the police seem to be hiding something. Who can stop this terror and who will survive the brutality of SUBURBAN SASQUATCH!?

Directed by: Dave Wascavage
Starring: Sue Lynn Sanchez, Bill Ushler, Juan Fernandez, Loretta Wascavage

UPC: 769529969631
Catalog/SKU #: BD9696

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