Pony Trouble

Pony Trouble

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  • Main Genre: Drugs | Released: 2007 | Runtime: 86 Mins

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These kids love to party

Set in the near future, the movie follows Cindy and her friends, who are all obsessed with the latest product from toy giant Megatoy: a live-action role-playing game (LARP) simply called "The Pony Game."

Like many young adults who have extended their childhood, Cindy, Donna and the group freely mix sex, drugs and fantasy role-playing into a weird, childlike play... and an intense rivalry over boy-toy Randy. These kids, however, take their fantasy very seriously.

When Cindy wins the Megatoy essay contest and the group gets to star in their own documentary about the Pony Game, Cindy and Donna's rivalry becomes a total war for control of the group... and the film!

Meanwhile, clueless documentary filmmakers Bob and Dave become unwitting pawns - and victims - of Donna's obsessive need to control her friends, the movie... and Megatoy itself. What's at stake? Only all of reality as we know it!

Tune in, Turn on and Freak Out as Cindy and Donna take you on a wild ride into America's most obsessive, sexy and freaky pop-culture power trip!

Directed by: Warren Lynch
Starring: Melinda Desiree Frye, Irina Peligrad, Eddite Gutierez, Bethany Lawler

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