Skeleton Key 2: 667 the Neighbor of the Beast

Skeleton Key 2: 667 the Neighbor of the Beast
  • Main Genre: Comedy | Released: 2008 | Runtime: 122 Mins

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667: The Neighbor of the Beast

Come back to Nilbog with Howard and Nicopernicus. Come back to the clutches of zombies, vampires and their lord, Dr. Nochas! Or don’t. But if you dare take this trip across that bridge and into the town of nightmares be prepared for what awaits you! BLOOD! BOOBS! And MUSIC NUMBERS! Oh yes, songs about soiling yourself and being left for dead will haunt your very dreams. Do not wait, buy this film and see if you can stand the horror! Feel the TERROR - for this film is presented in shocking 2-D! But know this; as you descend into chaos... We warned you!

Directed by: John Johnson
Starring: Monique Dupree, Conrad Brooks, Syn Devil

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