7 Questions With Filmmakers Philip and Nathan Ellering, Creators of LOST WOODS

Posted Jun. 5th, 2012 by BrainDamageFilms

Q&A with Philip and Nathan Ellering

Lost Woods Today marks the official DVD release date of the acclaimed sasquatch flick LOST WOODS, so here are some great answers from the Ellering brothers to 7 questions we sent them about the movie, filmmaking, what's next for them, and more. Enjoy!

1. What made you decide to make a sasquatch movie?

We chose a sasquatch movie because we felt that we could bring a different take to that mythology that really hadn't be expressed yet.

2. LOST WOODS has great visuals, effects and overall production value for its modest budget. Is there a secret to the movie's quality or someone who deserves special credit?

Thank you! We had help from a lot of talented people that believed in us. The biggest thing is that everyone wore a few hats and went above and beyond what was asked of them.

3. The sasquatch creature looks very convincing. Can you tell us more about how you brought that to life?

The sasquatch creature was a huge collaborative effort. We had six artists working on it in different capacities. Two of our talented friends from school, Mike Hendricks and Christian Castellon were in charge of the CG beast. Mike was the rigging artist that set up controls and Christian was in charge of the animation for the CG beast which is seen in the cliff jumping scene and some other smaller clips. Bonnie Ellering created the fur suit that was used for the live action portion. While I created the mask that was used for the practical suit and I also sculpted and textured the cg beast. We had three people in the practical suit at different times. Tosh Matteis, Nate and I all had our crack at jumping into the big shoes of the beast.

4. What's next for you guys?

Nate and I are currently hard at work on our second script. It will be an action/thriller. It's a crazy twist on the story of Pinocchio. Our story centers on a younger Geppetto who is a father forced to kill, using his knowledge of woodworking tools, in order to get his kidnapped son back from, Boldrik, an evil entertainment promoter who seeks to exploit Pinocchio for his unique deformities. This time around we are excited to be working with a talented producer and higher budget.

5. Were there any Ellerings harmed in the making of the film?

Joey Brown suffered the worst. Joey split his finger open during a shot where Darrin was climbing a mountain. Loose rocks fell down onto Joey's hand and he had to have twelve stitches on his finger. Joey was a trooper though. He finished the rest of the day with nothing more than a bandage. We were lucky as that was the only real incident. Nate and I had to jump into some freezing water for some pick ups during the winter season and I caught a cold as a result, but Joey wins the damage report.

6. Anything to say in response to Garrett Hargrove's hilarious review for National Lampoon?

HAHAHAHA! Garrett Hargrove is awesome! We loved the critique of the film. And yes Garrett, we have watched Predator four hundred times.

7. After any huge project there are always obstacles you look back on in hindsight that could have been avoided or handled differently. Are there any big ones that stand out in your minds? Any words of wisdom for other indie filmmakers out there?

The biggest obstacle we were faced with was our scheduling. Hunting season began only five days after we began filming in the woods. This would have been a deal breaker had we not kept our heads on straight. We moved locations and everything worked out for the best, but we should have been more thorough in creating our schedule. Another obstacle was the work load Nate and I took on. We simply wore too many hats during the production. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. It was insane. The biggest thing we would say to new indie film makers would be STAY POSITIVE! Making a film gets crazy real fast. If you stay positive, work hard and believe in yourself you will succeed. It's that simple and difficult at the same time.

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